What We Do

At MAP Land and Homes, we create solutions for residential land development and construction projects throughout Columbia, SC. We also serve as advisors, partners, and investors, and we provide vertical and horizontal construction.

Who We Are

We are land developers who work with owners, brokers, and agents to develop tracks of land in desirable school and utility districts for residential development. We typically develop on land our investors and clients already own. We can also help our clients to sell land they no longer want.

We are residential builders who act as contractors in small and large scale affordable housing projects for the owners. Our projects include for rent or for sale affordable housing initiatives.

Construction workers making plans
Area for residential development

Our Work

Production building for ourselves and investors remains at the core of our operations. We execute vertical and horizontal construction for our own family of companies, owners, and investors. We build individual family homes, as well as build to rent properties.

We have built for investors including, but not limited to: US Group, Gorelick Brother, Buller River Development, Agape Health, Kinloch Partners, and Wellmore in South Carolina.

Our most recent efforts include the redesign of our affordable housing product. This affordable housing product makes us a market leader, and we have upheld that reputation by continually adapting to a quickly changing housing market.

We also help those who are looking to sell property to successfully sell and obtain a good return on their investment.

We look forward to being in your community and hope to be a part of your housing development team soon.

What Makes Us


MAP Land and Homes stands apart from others because of our extensive experience, unmatched buying power, and proven execution.

Our exceptional team has over 85 years of combined experience. This gives us a unique understanding of the field which allows us to deliver outstanding results. The incredible pricing, quality, and speed of our services is unrivaled by any other company in the market today.

Our long-standing and proven process entails identifying the client’s needs, defining a plan of action, and delivering top-notch solutions.

Let MAP Land and Homes exceed your expectations! Contact us today!

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